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After many months of composing, arranging, practicing, recording, mixing, editing and mastering, this new composition is in the can! Beyond Music was written for and dedicated to the TrioVivo celebrating more than 25 years of music and friendship. Special thanks to Roland Spether, our unofficial press agent and source of (too) many embarrassing pictures and interviews…! 🙂


Follow this link for more details. In the meantime, here are some pics of the (in-)famous three 🙂



You might be familiar with ‘Mo’ Better Blues’. I took the well-known tune, juiced up the tempo somewhat and turned it into some sort of fusion/funk kind-of version.

All music produced in Cubase and mastered with WaveLab. Arrangement is available upon request.


Here is Django Reinhardt’s “Minor Swing” in (one of its) original version as performed by Django himself – including his great improvisation but, arranged for and performed with clarinet. The band comes literally out of the box, i.e. “Band-in-a-Box”, but with its relatively new RealBand feature sounds pretty cool, given its only a computer fed with the changes! I transferred everything to Cubase and recorded the clarinet in there. That way, I could do some minor editing and mixing.

If anybody listens to this thinking: “hmm, this would make a great idea for a band”, let me know and we’ll give it a try! Until then, the “Band” is available as MP3 as a play along and the arrangement can be shared as a Sibelius or pdf file.


Here is a new production from my home music studio. Pick up the …. PHONE! Makes a good – well – ringtone!

Let me know if you want it and I will email you the MP3.


Have you ever wondered how they get the oil price up or down where they need it…? You know, when you read or hear things like: “Oil at $x would hurt the economy, $y would be a ‘good’ price’, etc.”. And I’m sure you have heard how some very important people seem to be able to ‘adjust’ the flow of that sticky goo to get the desired $$$. Well, here could be an answer as to how that may work. This clip is also entitled: “A morning in the life of a young oil prince”. Go to for more details.



Total Modal is an own composition in modal form. The tune uses and embeds my own live recordings from NYC`s 6 Train and various Air Canada flight announcements on flight from Toronto to Chicago and makes use of sound texturing and panning. All sounds are separately available under the Sounds section at

Listen to it right here or go to for many more details and a lot of other stuff!!!


Happy Birthday Otto!
Diese Seite samt Inhalt ist für dich! Da ich leider deinen grossen Tag verpasst habe gibt es hier nachträglich ein musikalisches Geschenk: Der Schnitzel Blues! Wie gesagt, leider konnte ich keine Blues-Diva auftreiben die mich gesanglich unterstützen hätte können. Aber keine Angst, ich habe nicht (kaum) selbst gesungen. Das müsst ihr entweder selber tun oder vielleicht klappt es dann zum 70. Geburtstag!!! Bis dahin: Alles Gute!

Ton anschalten und auf den ‘Play’ Knopf unten clicken, dann kannst du den Blues anhören. Viel Spass!

Früher gab’ es die ‘Radio Version’ eines Songs, heute macht man die ‘Phone Version’. Hier ist die Kurzversion des Schnitzel Blues im MP3 Format – prima geeignet als Telefon Klingelton, zum Beispiel.




When your band is either in hospital or somewhere in South America (to travel), you start working on alternative ideas. Here is a recording with me ‘and the box’. I’m talking about Band-in-a-Box, of course, which has evolved into a very nice and useful tool to practice and play at home. I just arranged my song (Tu Vuo’fa L’Americano) from a great recording (Putumayo’s Italian Cafe), programmed it in Band-in-a-Box, recorded that in Cubase Studio 5 and then played my clarinet on top of that. I plan on extending that program a little bit. If you like, come back!

Click on the SoundCloud player to start the song!



This own arrangement of Summertime consists of 3 parts: The traditional, slow version at the beginning and end with an upbeat, funk version including improvisation in the middle. The track combines grass-root, instrumental elements with effects provided by Cubase 5. I have arranged the tune in Sibelius (arrangement available upon request) and recorded all real (clar, sax, keys) and virtual (trumpet, bass) instruments myself. The funk part was inspired by a great version by Ray Gaskin.

Summertime with Effects by liberty.sounds

This is the original version before effects:

Summertime – the Original by liberty.sounds



They had the potential to be greater than the men’s home chest waxing system, Windows Vista or even Stefan Mross. Concert promoters from Munich to Zwickau were fighting tooth and nail to get them on their list of exclusive performers. The band was so hot in the late 90s and early 2000s that they literally had a complete second set of musicians to be able to perform at 2 places at the same time!!! They singlehandedly owned and dominated the Dixie market between Balzhofen and Ottenhöfen. No Scheck-In could be opened without their presence, no furniture store wanted to miss them for their big opening day. If you didn’t have the money to pay them – no worries, as long as you had enough food, they would eat the equivalent of their pay in the form of steaks or Strassburger Wurstsalat (or whatever else was on the menu – and I MEAN whatever else. Rumour has it that one fine gig, each band member ate every single item on the menu of the concert host in lieu of proper payment!).

The band I’m talking about here is

NixWieDixie – The Hottest Boy Group In Town!!!


Of course, after all that success, the individual members went on to pursue their own solo careers in various forms and shapes. For all those hardcore fans out there, here is everybody again with their original file pictures. I understand that this is going to be VERY HARD to see all of them again, triggering old memories and desires, but please try to be strong and maybe keep a loved one close to hug in case it becomes too much, emotionally. Here they are again, the glorious seven, the envy of every mother in law, in alphabetical order (by first name):

chris_g1 daniel_g1 juerge_g1 niki_g1 peter_g1 thom_g1 tob_g1

If you managed to get until here without a nervous breakdown, you can now start listening to their famous Balzhofen live concert in 2003, something akin to the Woodstock of Baden. Follow this link to listen to some of the best songs again. Maybe some day they will get back together again in honour of their fans to perform all these timeless pieces of music history in a big, long awaited NixWieDixie revival concert.

Until then, take care and enjoy those great memories of past fame and glory! And yes, it looks like it was Too Good To Be True!

NWD1 (2)

by d.c.k.

Ok, here is another short piece (2:43min) with the title Sept2009 (guess when I wrote this one…?). It’s supposed to be a bit on the funky side. Don’t laugh about the ending, but I kind of ran out of patience and ideas and fabricated an easy fade out…. I guess I’ll be back to this one at some point when I have more time and think about a more creative ending (and title). Until then, that’s what you get!

Follow the link to Sept2009.


By the way, this is Kenny Garrett at the Toronto Jazz Festival in June 2005

IMG00060-20100220-2002My second musical contribution on this site is a tune with the name of In Memory of a Great Urban Man. This deserves some explanation. For that purpose, please allow me to cut and paste from Wikipedia (Symphony No. 3 (Beethoven)):

[…]Beethoven had originally conceived of dedicating the symphony [Symphony No. 3] to Napoleon Bonaparte. The biographer Maynard Solomon relates that Beethoven admired the ideals of the French Revolution, and Napoleon as their embodiment. In the autumn the composer began to have second thoughts about that dedication. It would have deprived him of a fee that he would receive if he instead dedicated the symphony to Prince Franz Joseph Maximillian Lobkowitz. Nevertheless, he still considered giving the work the title of Bonaparte.

When Napoleon proclaimed himself Emperor of the French in May 1804, Beethoven became disgusted and went to the table where the completed score lay. He took hold of the title-page and scratched the name Bonaparte out so violently with a knife that he created a hole in the paper.[1] He later changed the title to Sinfonia eroica, composta per festeggiare il sovvenire d’un grand’uomo (“heroic symphony, composed to celebrate the memory of a great man”).[…]

I was inspired* by the changes of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, II, Adagio Assai (in other words, the second movement). After some cutting and re-arranging, I came up with the present form (of changes), sped up the tempo and turned it into an (attempt of) urban style music. I took Beethoven’s original title, “heroic symphony, composed to celebrate the memory of a great man” und turned it into In Memory of a Great Urban Man, in reference of the source for the idea and my change into urban music. As usual, arranged, recorded and performed in My Home Music Studio with Cubase, Sibelius, Reason, EWI, my Selmer Alto Sax, Keilwerth Tenor Sax and Yamaha P-60.

Check it out!

* I actually had this idea more than 20 years ago at which point I thought about arranging the whole melody in big band style, but that’s another story… In any case, I finally managed to put this to paper and record it.

This is a tune that I called HNY 2008 which stands for “Happy New Year 2008”. Why? I wrote it in January 2008 and I was looking for a title… very original, isn’t it? Anyhow, the tune consists of a very simple and basic 4

chord progression, follows a very minimalistic approach and is entirely own material. Its also a bit experimental since I was trying out my toys and some of the fun features they come with. And yes, I did play it all myself, including the pan flute (well, see below).

I am using:


– Cubase Studio 4 (the link shows the new Cubase Studio 5): Link to Description of Cubase Studio 5.

– Sibelius 6: Link to Description of Sibelius 6.

– Reason 4 Software

– A Yamaha stage Piano (P-60)

– An EWI (because I can neither play pan flute nor base…)

and a bunch of other stuff, of course.

Listen to HNY 2008!