Hottest Boy Group in Town or was it Too Good To Be True…? Going down the memory lane.

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Music - liberty.sounds

They had the potential to be greater than the men’s home chest waxing system, Windows Vista or even Stefan Mross. Concert promoters from Munich to Zwickau were fighting tooth and nail to get them on their list of exclusive performers. The band was so hot in the late 90s and early 2000s that they literally had a complete second set of musicians to be able to perform at 2 places at the same time!!! They singlehandedly owned and dominated the Dixie market between Balzhofen and Ottenhöfen. No Scheck-In could be opened without their presence, no furniture store wanted to miss them for their big opening day. If you didn’t have the money to pay them – no worries, as long as you had enough food, they would eat the equivalent of their pay in the form of steaks or Strassburger Wurstsalat (or whatever else was on the menu – and I MEAN whatever else. Rumour has it that one fine gig, each band member ate every single item on the menu of the concert host in lieu of proper payment!).

The band I’m talking about here is

NixWieDixie – The Hottest Boy Group In Town!!!


Of course, after all that success, the individual members went on to pursue their own solo careers in various forms and shapes. For all those hardcore fans out there, here is everybody again with their original file pictures. I understand that this is going to be VERY HARD to see all of them again, triggering old memories and desires, but please try to be strong and maybe keep a loved one close to hug in case it becomes too much, emotionally. Here they are again, the glorious seven, the envy of every mother in law, in alphabetical order (by first name):

chris_g1 daniel_g1 juerge_g1 niki_g1 peter_g1 thom_g1 tob_g1

If you managed to get until here without a nervous breakdown, you can now start listening to their famous Balzhofen live concert in 2003, something akin to the Woodstock of Baden. Follow this link to listen to some of the best songs again. Maybe some day they will get back together again in honour of their fans to perform all these timeless pieces of music history in a big, long awaited NixWieDixie revival concert.

Until then, take care and enjoy those great memories of past fame and glory! And yes, it looks like it was Too Good To Be True!

NWD1 (2)

by d.c.k.


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